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SOFTSOLUTION North America Inc., a subsidiary of the Austrian company SOFTSOLUTION GmbH, has set itself the goal of selling automated quality assurance systems on the North American market.

SOFTSOLUTION is the number one worldwide in the development and production of automated quality assurance systems for the glass industry. For more than 20 years we have been offering high-performance technologies that convince customers from a wide range of industries with stability, operational safety and performance. 

Today, more than 1,100 systems are already in use worldwide. A large network of partners makes our products available on all continents.


SOFTSOLUTION and LiteSentry, LCC are pleased to announce a new partnership to support both companies’ long-term growth and success.

LiteSentry and SOFTSOLUTION enhance their ability to respond to customer needs with more localized resources, improve end users’ access to new technology, and accelerate new product development. SOFTSOLUTION will continue to operate in its current location in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria.



we make quality visible

Glass is one of mankind's oldest materials - versatile, as robust as it is fragile. With our quality assurance systems, it is possible to inspect glass that will later be used in industry, research, construction or in private households: fully automated, reliable and using absolutely unique technologies.

Both the hardware and the software are 100 percent manufactured at our  location in Waidhofen / Ybbs in Lower Austria.


LineScanner -
Quality testing at the highest level

The LineScanner checks transparent flat glass products for all quality and dimensional defects: single glasses, insulating glasses, automotive glasses, processed glasses, polycarbonate or foils. The system is extremely flexible and space-saving!

CulletScanner -
automatic fracture analysis of glass

The CulletScanner analyzes any fracture images of different types of glass - with the highest resolution and at a 90 ° angle - and automatically finds those areas that contain the most, smallest, largest and longest fragments. The images are evaluated and saved digitally within seconds.

VirtualDigitizing -
digital object detection of templates & 2D objects

Digitization of templates, 2D objects and drawings - quickly and easily, without a digitizing table. A smart solution for modern production.

projects we are proud of

Each customer project of SOFTSOLUTION is unique as well as the cooperation with our customers. Innovation and the consistent quality of our products drive our actions - today, tomorrow and in the future. We are proud to have implemented the most diverse projects with well-known companies in the glass industry worldwide.

Trust unites and this not only shows in dealing with our customers but also with our national and international partners who stand for our automated quality assurance systems worldwide. 

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Advantage through technology

Instead of camera-based solutions, we use parallel light technology with a 90° test. Edge testing, dimension testing and anisotropy testing can also be carried out. It is also possible to retrofit older scanners with new technologies.

Detect & avoid errors

By using the scanner, potential sources of error are recognized and eliminated early. The control is much more stable and reliable in contrast to the manual check. We help companies to deliver constant glass quality to their customers and thus to reduce the complaint rate.

All in one

We have been dealing with the complex inspection of glass for many years. Our quality assurance systems combine all testing options. In addition to the geometry, surface, edge quality and DMS- testing, the LineScanner now also monitors the anisotropy and edge stress.

Always in focus: the customer

That's you! Whether hardware or software - you get a well-thought-out concept that takes into account all local conditions as well as your requirements and wishes. In many cases we adapt the scope of functions specifically to customer requirements. Flexibility is an important principle!

Step by step

Advice, analysis and project planning, delivery and installation, commissioning, training of your employees, service and maintenance - our team of experts accompanies you. 


We rely on Austrian quality!

The SOFTSOLUTION scanners are 100 percent developed and carefully manufactured at our location in Waidhofen / Ybbs in Lower Austria. This is the only way we can ensure high standards and deliver a product that guarantees functionality and performance. We obtain the components of the scanners from regional suppliers, which in turn promises the best quality and short response times.

Unique! Our team of experts is the world leader when it comes to technology, research and product development. We have the know-how and the experience!

  • Production time: approx. 12 weeks (from order release to delivery or commissioning)
  • Flexibility: The scanner is built according to your requirements and wishes.
  • 24-hour tests: Before the scanner makes its way to you, we test all functions internally for 24 hours.
  • Commissioning: Our technicians are on site, configure the scanner according to specifications, put the system into operation and train your staff


User-friendly, stable, flexible!

The SOFTSOLUTION software is the heart and brain of the scanner. The central control and operation are clearly and transparently designed. The modern interface can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. In order to guarantee efficient scanning processes, high stability and user friendliness, SOFTSOLUTION has had its own software department with high specific competence for many years.

Individual solutions are developed and new technologies applied so that you can comfortably monitor, control and plan all processes of your scanner.

  • Modern interface: User-friendly, intuitive operation
  • Flexibility: Individual customer requests are taken into account
  • Live display: The scan images are displayed in real time
  • Live monitoring: The new management console enables real-time monitoring of all processes
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface): The interface can be adapted to the partner interface
  • Interface: Connection with your software components
  • Own software department: Five software developers are constantly working on further  software versions
  • Archive: Archiving of all scans and statistical evaluations (optional)
  • Multilingual: The software is available in different languages


Comprehensive - right from the start!

We guarantee  the greatest possible safety and system efficiency - and we carry out maintenance and forward-looking services. Our experts are there for you before, during and after commissioning!

  • From A for construction to Z for cooperation: We are your partner who accompanies you right from the start - with comprehensive advice, analysis and assessment on site, project planning, delivery and assembly, configuration, monitoring, acceptance, functional check, maintenance and service.
  • Maintenance and upkeep - so that the functional condition is maintained or restored: the maintenance contract is included in the purchase and guarantees support for one year and annual updates.
    Optional: Extension of the contract for another year.
  • If there is a malfunction, we react immediately: within a maximum of one to two hours
  • We speak your language: German, English, Spanish, French, Serbo-Croatian


The story behind ... 

Austria-based SOFTSOLUTION GmbH, creators of quality solutions for the glass fabrication industry, has announced plans for the January 1, 2019 opening of their first North American office to be located in Illinois. 

SOFTSOLUTION has opted to provide local support to their customers by creating a facility that will house a showroom, testing center, and inventory warehouse. Nate Huffman, currently serving as FeneTech’s business development liaison with the Austrian engineering firm will serve as SOFTSOLUTION North America president with support from SOFTSOLUTION International Sales Director Peter Pfannenstill.


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