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Digital object data capture with maximum precision

VirtualDigitizing – a software application for flexible digitization solutions for templates that can be used easily and quickly in any industry. This results in an unprecedented reduction in workload and increased flexibility. VirtualDigitizing – will change the way you work.

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You are tired making objects and templates laboriously with a digitizing table? Then we have the ideal solution for you!
With VirtualDigitizing you can save up to 50% of your valuable time and thus saves costs for your company. Increase business productivity  - once you have acquired VirtualDigitizing it is completely maintenance-free. Easy handling in the digitizing process of glass, templates and patterns enables highly accurate object detection.


  • Fast and flexible digitizing solution for templates and 2D objects
  • Automatic conversion of your digitization to a DXF file
  • Seamless documentation and IT-based archiving of your templates


Since the glasstec 2018 the VirtualDigitizing version 18.1 is available and impresses with many improvements such as a new user interface.

Additional benefits of the new version:

  • New graphical user interface
  • Adjustment of general settings
  • Improved spline optimization
  • New layer structure with 30 layers
  • Zoom window function for a detailed view
  • Automatic name suggestion 
  • Save function for reference templates
  • Flexible car corner closing function
  • Automatic country language recognition
  • Positioning of text & notes


>> Customers who have an existing support and update contract can now download the new VirtualDigitzing version 18.1 free of charge from the web portal. If you need support during the update, please contact our support team at or +43 7442/539 88 220.

3 steps to your template

With the help of a calibrated digital camera, a reference measure and the innovative VirtualDigitizing software (which includes contour detection), you can convert any template/pattern/object  into a DXF file within a very short amount of time (< 5min).

This allows templates/patterns/objects from a few millimetres to several meters in size to be easily, flexibly and rapidly digitized.

Image capture

Photograph the template you wish to digitize, including four reference points.
These points with crosshairs form the basis for the exact calculation of the template. Plexiglas plates as well as standard paper sizes (DIN A4, A3, A2, etc.) can be used to provide the scale – making Virtual Digitizing also suitable for small measurements on construction sites.


The digital image generated can be opened
in the VirtualDigitizing software with a single click. Thanks to the high degree of user-friendliness, markings at the stencil edges, as well as optional drill holes or cut-outs, can be defined manually or automatically.

Digital template

VirtualDigitizing generates a high-precision, accurate DXF file that can be forwarded to all types of cutting equipment and to production immediately. Automatic contour smoothing means that no further editing is required before cutting. It can be used in all areas of production from the glass industry to water jet cutting.


 See for yourself - VirtualDigitizing will change the way you work. 

Examples of our digitizing software for templates - Glass IQ


Meanwhile, VirtualDigitizing is operating successfully in more than 500 companies worldwide. Our digitizing software system will help you producing consistent quality, as well as to document or archive the projects of your customers.

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